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Today's Mortgage Rates

Loans up to $417,000RateAPR
15 Year Fixed2.7502.982
30 Year Fixed3.3753.639
3 Year Fixed2.6252.860
5 Year Fixed2.6252.911
7 Year Fixed2.8753.138
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Why Choose Rate Rabbit?

Have you ever completed the home loan process and felt ripped off or unsure if you really got a good rate and fair closing costs? Many people do. We’ve talked to hundreds of consumers that have told us that they question their mortgage packages and the “good faith estimate” after closing with other lenders. Consumers say that often costs at the closing are much higher than what they had seen on the good faith estimate. This leaves them feeling frustrated and taken advantage of.

Rate Rabbit changes all of that by turning the good faith estimate into a guaranteed and protected fixed-fee package. We combine all applicable closing, lender and third-party costs (Refinance Only) into one low, all applicable guaranteed fee. Rate Rabbit is committed to providing its customers with the best mortgage rates and the lowest closing fee in the industry.

The One Fee Guarantee package includes the following costs, and the total you pay is guaranteed not to change at closing.

  • Origination Fee
  • Discount Points
  • Appraisal Fee
  • Title Insurance and Related Charges
  • Escrow/Lender Attorney Fee
  • Survey
  • Flood Certification Fee
  • Tax Service Fee
  • Underwriting Fee
  • Processing Fee
  • Recording Fees
  • Notary Fee
  • Admin Cost


A Rate Rabbit home loan package assures consumers protection from last minute changes in costs, and from bait and switch tactics often used by aggressive, commissioned sales people. With Rate Rabbit you don’t have to worry if you have negotiated the best deal for yourself because there is no need to negotiate and haggle to get the best deal. You’ll receive the lowest rates and a fixed fee home loan quoted by our professional non-commissioned loan consultants.

Our Guarantee

You are guaranteed protection against any changes to the low interest rates and closing costs quoted by Rate Rabbit. All applicable lender fees and closing costs are stated upfront in the good faith estimate and the total will not change. Last minute changes in fees are not your problem, they’re ours – period. If these costs increase or change we pay the difference, not you.


Loan applicants can choose from a variety of loan programs, and can opt to either use our user-friendly website to shop and compare with an instant quote, or to complete the entire loan process online. Rate Rabbit also provides one-on-one customer support by professional, non-commissioned loan consultants to assure a hassle-free loan every time.

About Rate RabbitRate Rabbit is committed to providing its customers with the best mortgage rates and the lowest closing fee, combining all applicable closing & lender costs into one low, guaranteed fee.

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