Rate Rabbit Fixed Closing Cost Guarantee

One Fee Guarantee

You are guaranteed protection against any changes to the low interest rates and closing costs quoted by Rate Rabbit. All applicable lender fees and closing costs are stated upfront in the Good Faith Estimate and the total amount due will not change. Last minute changes in fees are not your problem, they're ours - we've got them covered.

Your Rate Rabbit fixed closing fee bundles all of your lender fees and applicable third-party fees (Refinance only) into one low, guaranteed fee every time. 

What are the applicable fees and which ones are included?

Name of Fee Guaranteed
in Purchase
in Refinance
Origination FeeYesYes
Discount PointsYesYes
Appraisal FeeYesYes
Title Insurance and Related ChargesNoYes
Escrow/Lender Attorney FeeNoYes
Flood Certification FeeYesYes
Credit Report FeeYesYes
Tax Service FeeYesYes
Underwriting FeeYesYes
Processing FeeYesYes
Recording FeesNoYes
Notary FeeNoYes
Administration FeesYesYes

Of course, every home loan includes some additional costs that must be covered by you as the homeowner. These costs may include taxes, insurance, and prepaid interest and are not included in your closing package..